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I found out about a movie called “Beautiful tragedy”.  It takes place at the Kirov in Russia and it shows what it is really like to be a ballerina there.  The teachers are not always nice.  And this is very sad but most of the girls there are anorexic.  These girls here are 15 and 16.  This video shows you what life is like there and like I said it is rewarding but hard work.


Kirov is flying down to America!

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I just found out that this upcoming January  the Kirov ballet school from Russia is coming to America in VA  and they are going to perform at a place called the  Kennedy center and I am going to see them!  I hope I can ask them questions about how to audition for there school and  found out that they speak some English.   

You and dance

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This is a post were you can share about you and you’re dance experience  if you do dance and you can share here what you think it would be to  go  to a ballet boarding school or at the Kirov.  Also I wanted to tell you that I am 13 years old and my Birthday is August 4th  so I only have mayby two years befor auditioning so I have to catch up fast but I will tell you not to brag but this is something that my ballet teacher told me  wich is very good.  She told me that I was expressive through dancing.

My Kirov dvd’s and books

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Since I am very into Russian ballet I have dvd’s and books  about the Kirov  and the dvd’s  are called:   Backstage at the Kirov,   The children of theater street,  and  Vaganova ballet classes.   And my books are:  On there toes a russian ballet school,   The Russsian ballet school,  and there is another one but I forget what it is called.   I got all my dvd’s on amazon and the  book The russian ballet school on amazon too.   Also  this is a picture of my costume I am ordering becuase every May my stuidio has this thing were everyone can make up there own dance and choose any  song they want and they can make there own costume so  I already made up my own dance and picked  a  song that is classical music that I want to do.  I am already deciding on stuff because  I want to be prepaired for this upcoming May so I will have eight months to practice instead of waiting for May.

Ballet in Russia

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Hi guys this blog is about  what ballet is like in Russia.  The most world famious ballet schools are in Russia and there are only two of them.  They are known to be the best ballet boarding schools in the world and through out history.   The first greatest ballet school ever is the Kirov   and the second one is the Bolshoi.   I am going to fly down to Russia when I am 14 or 15 and audition for the Kirov and if I don’t make  it there then I will audition for the Bolshoi.  To  audition you have to be atleast  eight years old.  Amgain leaving home at eight years old for a ballet boarding school!    The young ones  have ballet class for  four hours and 30 min every day and the older girls in the schools  have ballet  ATLEAST  six hours everyday!   The teachers are super strict on there  ballerinas and sometimes yell.   Russia seems to be very serious about  ballet.  I can’t wait to audition and I hope I make it.  The auditions are every  Spring.    This will be my second year in ballet after this Summer And I have ballet tree times a week now.   I am 13 right now and I started this year or should I say last year when I was 12.   I practice for hours at home so I can get good  and during this school  year  in adition of my  three times a week classes I will practice  atleast five hours of ballet at home and on the weekends I will practice atleast 10 hours more like 12 hours on Saturday and Sunday!   Well now I will tell you more about  The Kirov ballet school and I will share more about the Bolshoi  another time.   The Kirov ballet school  has many world famious dancers and that is were most famious dancers come from.  My favorit  dancer is Anna Pavlova and she trained at the Kirov and she left home at 10 years old.   She was known to be the most expressive dancer ever.  This is Anna Pavlova

Hello world!

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